To maximise your flowers life, we suggest that you follow these simple care instructions.
For Bouquets
Before you place them into a vase, cut 3 to 4 cm off the end of the stems at an angle. This will remove the dry stem ends and provide a freshly cut surface so the flowers can absorb water. You may like to cut the tie once they are in the vase.
Place immediately in a clean vase with fresh, room temperature water. It is important to change the water as soon as it becomes cloudy - ideally every second day. Wash the vase out properly and re snip the flowers before placing them back into the vase.
For Arrangements in floral foam
Box Arrangement: Top up water upon arrival - about 1/2 glass of water. Top up with water every day, being sure not to overfill the container.
Ceramic Box arrangement: Fill to the top with water upon arrival, and top it up every day - being sure not to overfill the container .
For All Flowers
Keep flowers in a cool place, away from draughts, direct sunlight, heaters, televisions and microwaves.
Remove dead flowers from the arrangement as they release gases which make the other flowers open faster.
We hope you enjoy your beautiful fresh flowers!