How I found flowers.

Conquering the world: One stem at a time….

My Name is Sarah Bryant and I am the owner of Bryants Buds.

Bryants BUDS is a florist down in the Port of Echuca.

I began my journey as a florist approx 10 or so years ago. I was a single mum of 2 little kids and I had recently left my awesome job travelling to China once a month creating body products to work at the local Big W store. I knew I needed something more.

I had always been the creative type, painting, all the art subjects back in high school. Sitting on a computer wasn’t going to fulfil my creative needs.

As a life planner , I always had a rough plan and map of my life, its direction. What goals I wanted to achieve and where I was headed in life. 5 year plans are my jam.

I mapped out a plan of jobs I would love to do and what career path I wanted to take.
It came down to Graphic Design or Floristry. I knew I would hate being stuck in front of a computer all day every day til I was old so Floristry was it.

My best friends mum was a florist so I did a bit of work helping her and I knew that was my calling. I just loved helping out , being surrounded by flowers & creating on a daily basis.

I enrolled back into school which was super daunting and scary. I had 2 little kids to think about but I had always been the type to map out a plan for my life. A 5 year plan on little goals and big goals and this challenged me.

Being challenged is awesome, getting out of your comfort zone is awesome.

Stepping back into school as an “ adult “ was scary. I was surrounded by lots of young fresh out of school kids, lots of super creative people. I was so doubtful of my creativity and my skills. I questioned if I was good enough.

I loved being back at school. The theory part and learning was fun again and then in the afternoons we would do prac work which was even more fun. We would get to make things, create pretty things and play with flowers.

I was offered an apprenticeship at a traditional florist in Melbourne. It was right near the big cemetery in Melbourne. We used to sell lots and lots of cut flowers , straight bunches not really made up into bouquets. I wasn’t allowed to do much because I was only an apprentice. Again I felt I wanted and needed more.

I pushed myself out of my comfort zone again. I walked in to this florist which I loved and knew they did some big cool floral installs. I was given a 3 day trial in the middle of Spring Carnival delivering and installing flowers to the races.

I was offered to complete my apprenticeship at this florist and jumped at the opportunity. I loved it, we would deal with huge installs, big corporate florals. Gorgeous weddings, a beautiful retail space. It was great fun.

I completed my apprenticeship there got signed off, resigned and relocated to Echuca my birth town.

Before we left we dreamed up a concept of our very own florist business. Bryants BUDS was born. August 1st 2014 in Echuca Bryants BUDS was born.

We began on the kitchen table in our new home in Echuca. Our very first product and idea was the daily bunch . My vision was to have one style bouquet every day priced around $30-$40 and call it a daily bunch.

Originally I would sell a couple here and there, being a mum to 2 kids and about to have no 3 was my priority.

November 10th 2014 I gave birth to our 3rd child Hendrix Mangolia.

March 21st 2016 I gave birth to our 4th child Kingi Blossom

August 23rd 2017 I gave birth to our 5th child and 4th daughter OMG Hart Banksii

January 1 2018 I made the decision to commit to Bryants BUDS full time. 3 years later and my business is rewarding me.

Is it easy? No.

Is it worth it? Of course

How did I become successful…

I manifested it. Dream big. Create a mood board or a vision board. Get magazines, print pictures off . Make a poster of your dream future. Add to it, work on it and picture it.

I set goals for myself. I always had a goal that I was working towards. Tick that goal off and set yourself a new one.

Accept change. Change is so scary but there is one good thing about change… It means we are growing! Growth is good, change is good. Evolution is good.

Who thinks you can be anything they want to be? Why do we stop believing this as an adult. Make sure you continue to believe in your dream, continue to think and dream big and never stop believing.

Sarah x



Photo Credit: Queen Of Grace Photography 

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