Surviving Lockdown

Conquering the world: One stem at a time….


Surviving Lockdown


I believe that everyone is dealt cards that they are strong enough to handle BUT I also believe we are pushed and challenged in what we have to deal with.


I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason and most things I can justify not always initially but in the long run. 


My quote during this snap lockdown has been “ Embrace the day- Every morning we are born again. What we do today matters most. “


I have been writing myself a list the day before so each day I wake up and have a goal for the day. Gives me something to mentally prepare for ( like cleaning out the pantry- that takes mental strength ) and a purpose for each day. Otherwise a mind numbing 10 hours will pass and I haven’t got off the couch except to feed the kids, tend to their needs, change the movie selection for them, break up their fights and nag them to pick up after themselves. 


TikTok is my current addiction and I have learnt an awful lot. Man those people are so bloody talented- it does give me a bit of a false sense of hope… Yeah I can definitely dance like them… No chance.. The life hacks are OMG epic. So many things in life I have been doing wrong.. 


The food is next level incredible , search Pie Maker Hacks and you will see exactly how I fell into my hot minute obsession with a piemaker. We spent the Tuesday of lockdown making and sampling pies. Nacho Pie, Chocolate Pie, Meat Pie, Egg & Bacon Pie, Nutella Pie- so many good recipes with one machine all with a health rating of minus 5 I imagine.


Homeschooling the kids. One of my gorgeous friends a very clever school teacher gets upset with the term homeschooling & I can definitely see her frustrations- buy only rebuttal is I am fairly certain most parents are using this term because they actually have no idea what they are doing, how they are doing, how to cope and what the actual fuck you amazing people do with our kids all day every day. 


Speaking from personal experience I have a yr 10 who thinks I graduated in 1905 and I literally have zero clue what kids learn in school these days. 


When the rumours began circling regarding the lock down for the first time I was in a twist as to what I should do. Technically florists can operate as we can do delivery only. My only issue with this is how essential is a florist? If I can justify me being essential then surely clothing, beauty and gyms are essential. Unfortunately while yes we can bend the rules a little to suit us I think I chose to shut for moral reasons.


The flip side of this argument is I now have staff to have concerns about. People literally feeding their family because they work for Bryants Buds. This is such a weight on your shoulders as a “Boss”. Then the worry of having a shop full of perishable stock. Flowers die sadly. Do I risk outlaying money for potentially a busy week or a week which could be a total flop. 


In the end my moral compass won over. Personally even though I feed my family & our bread & butter is flowers it wasn’t worth the stress of opening & the worry of trying to predict the future and what it was going to be. 


Financially it was a very tough week for our little shop. We were blessed with much support from local Cafe’s who took our pre made flowers for us as they remained open for takeaway. While we will cover from the hit it is scary to think what would of happened if it continued.


I personally wanted to ensure I could help others around me navigate through this challenging time. Mentally these snap lockdowns are so stressful . I know just in our house under our roof we navigate mental health issues daily. I have a beautiful almost 16 yr old who suffers from mental health stresses as well as a gorgeous almost 7 yr old who is diagnosed as Level 3 ASD.  My amazing husband is currently battling ongoing mental health issues including depression and anxiety.


We daily are having to navigate mental health “moments” . Lockdown just adds a layer of extra moments. Why aren’t I going to school, why is everyone home, why is Mum not working. How come the big kids are always here. Trying to cope with the lack of routine and being cooped up inside all together. 


This onto of the worries of my staff definitely added to my stresses but I made a pledge to myself. Focus on the now. I used to be and I definitely have noticed since Covid hit how much we are all so guilty of stressing about things we cannot control. Things like lock down, things like the daily Covid numbers. Things such as which businesses are able to do what. Covid has definitely affected every person in some way or another. What we are so caught up in is the negative impacts.


I turned my thinking around. I was blessed to get 7 days at home with my family . I was grateful that I got the time to get around to those jobs that were last on the list. I was grateful that I got to have pj days and movie marathons with the kids. 


Yes I was losing money, yes I didn’t have my business running like it should be, yes bills still come in regardless if your open or not but I knew these were all out of my control and to focus on the now.


We manage our mental health in our home by daily meditations, I AM affirmations are super powerful and guide us into the right mind set for the day . The power of a meditation & shifting your whole mood is amazing. 


We can control our reactions and what we choose to buy into what we engage in. We have the power to engage in negative energy and have that in our lives or we can completely disengage from it, focus on us, our family , what we can control. 


Thankyou to all those who have tuned in for this episode & my blog, I am loving creating these and sharing all my knowledge and information and hope that you are enjoying them.  Next week I will be discussing how I got asked to perform a public speaking and information session & how I conquered my massive fear. How often I set new goals for myself and the business & where I see myself in 12 months time. 


Conquering the world: One stem at a time….

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