How I accidentally manifested by dream & what I do daily for me.

How I accidentally didnt realise the power of manifestation & what I do to work on me. How becoming selfish is a good thing.


Conquering the world: One stem at a time….


The Power of Change- How I accidentally manifested my dream & what I do for me


I never really actually properly understood the benefits of manifesting , meditating and visualising until late 2020. Prior to that I would have been guilty of thinking that Meditation was something alternative types did while undertaking yoga. Very small minded indeed. I 100% agree with how naive I was BUT the difference was,  I owned this naivety and realise now-  how much I have grown as a person. 


The early days I was certainly an unintentionally fake it til I make it type of girl. I would navigate myself through business learning as I went. The one thing I was consistent with,  was having a dream and a goal. 


I always had a dream and visioned a successful florist. I always envisioned staff and being my best. I always dreamt of a studio and a van and I literally would search up a Renault Traffic and just idolise them week in and week out. 


Having known the power my brain actually has I cant even imagine how and where Bryants Buds would be if I manifested all my energy into it.


Change is absolutely the scariest thing on earth, There is one reassuring thing that we need to remember about change- it means we are growing. We need to get uncomfortable to push ourselves . To realise our full potential. See ….if we sit on the fence and doubt our abilities we will become stagnant and shit just ain’t gonna change.


I set myself a goal every single year.. January I would state out loud to my husband or even to myself. This year my goal is X amount of weddings. I can tell you the first year it was only 5. It was a little bit out of reach but still realistic if I tried and put in a touch of effort. By putting this out into the universe you make an unconscious decision on where and what you see your business heading.


Trust me the more I started working on myself the more I realised how I was accidentally doing this. Manifesting is a real thing people- you just need to stay consistent. Which is bloody hard. I am guilty of falling into a rut and neglecting myself . 


Crazy how we put ourselves last. As a mum I am so guilty of this- here are my kids rolling around in little tiny expensive rompers while I hesitate of a $19 dollar dress from kmart. We don’t even think twice when it comes to shelling out dollars on activities for our kids, clothing for our kids, braces, mental health and treatments BUT how much effort and focus do we put on ourselves. 


How many of you fill your own cup first. It has taken me approximately 6 months or so to become fully selfish. Yes that right I have been working on myself to get more selfish. The narcissist people in my life would argue I have always been selfish but I have cut them out of my life for a reason .


I have had to train myself to look after myself first and you know what it makes me such a better person. 


Yes we can share memes about supporting each other and mental health and women in business. Yes we can whinge and whine and bitch about our life and its lack of anything but do you know how easy and rewarding it is to actually change.


Every morning we meditate- even if it is just 5 minutes . It is the first thing we do. Spotify, YouTube , Google there are literally thousands and thousands of free ones. You soon realise the type you like and which ones you benefit more from.


Invest in it- not money wise but mentally. Forget the excuses… I cant do them properly or I get side tracked. I don’t have time- Yet you have watched 19 tik toks, scrolled both FB & Insta & replied to 3 snap chats. Priorities.  Literally lay down or sit with your eyes closed and listen to the person speaking. Yes your mind will wander. If your someone like me who thinks about 65789 things at once it is bound to happen but make yourself focus back on the task at hand. Be accountable. 


Then we do 2-3 minutes of affirmations. Again google this stuff , free and easy. I guarantee if your consistent it is amazing.


We write down a gratitude post. What are you grateful in that moment. There is no right or wrong answer. Our kids laughing, having a roof over our head, staying consistent. So many things to be grateful for. 


Thats it! In the morning because we are time poor and have 5 kids that require our attention - still changing bloody nappies. I look forward to the day and it is slowly becoming more time as they get older to spend even more time on ME. 


At night time we do some visualisation and literally dream about our goals, where we want to go and what we want to achieve. Nodding off to sleep with a picture in your mind of your future and how you want to live your life, on your terms is so liberating. The only thing limiting us is our mind. Why do we stop believing that we can be anything we want to be? Why do we stop dreaming as adults. We reinforce this into our kids- you can be anything you want to be… Yes they can and so can you!!! Never stop believing in yourself. Never stop dreaming. 


It’s crazy how we are taught and programmed as humans that life OUR life is to be lived a certain way. Society dictates how we should work, how and when we should work, how we should run our business. In both of my businesses ( Bryants Buds ) as well as my online business I choose to do it my way. If I want to sell only Quicksand Roses and that is it- I can. Society says that I shouldn’t and that is not the normal procedure for a florist and I am ok with that. It is my business and I can choose to run it how I like. 


Learning this was a game changer because I realised this was all so true. There is a “ society way “ that says all florists need to sell Lillies and box arrangements and cater for all types of clients but I can only target my ideal clients and that is ok. 


It is my business and I can run it how I want to. Your energy is so much better spent and it shows because what you are doing you are passionate about. 


There is enough business in the world for everyone. I am in the process of narrowing down my ideal client for Bryants Buds and it is certainly scary to say no to potential clients but knowing that they don’t align with me, my values and my business vales is so empowering. I am not the only florist in town and the others offer a point of difference that aligns with them . I don’t need to conform to suit everyone. I need to conform to me and what I want and chose. 


Abundance Flows my friends . 


Thankyou to all those who have tuned in for this episode & my blog. Next week I will be discussing lockdown with a small business , 5 children , how we have navigated staff, product & loss of product, managing mental health and the mental health of our children, an ASD legend who is struggling with the change and lack of routine & my love of food and my new pie maker. 


Have a fabulous week everyone and stay sane during this lockdown


Sarah x

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